Managing the money: Factors to downsizing and recovery

What are some of the key points of consideration when your usual revenue flow is cut off? What are the warning signs and red flags to note?


18 Aug 2020


10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


59 USD

Webinar Details:

Many organisations were caught off-guard by the sudden onslaught of crisis. Understandably, there was a lot of uncertainty and that, paired with the decline in consumer’s risk appetite, created a lot of friction for brands who were affected and may have affected them aversely. It is not too late for organisations to look how they can recover and build a strategic framework to ensure they do not just survive this economic downturn but also thrive in it.

This 60-minute session brought to you by Marketing Magazine aims to highlight different ways brand strategy and marketing professionals will be able to tackle the problem of marketing in times of crisis.

Highlights Include:


Assessing brand trust and customer confidence

The first step of recovery is to know where you stand. By investing in a deep dive into consumer sentiments about your industry as well as your own brand, organisations will be better equipped to plan a strategy targeting on those pain points.

Focusing on your well performing distributors

Whilst there is always a lot of buzz around the idea of multi-channel or omni-channel optimisation, it may not be necessary for organisations to dip their toes in all channels and wear themselves thin. Understand what affords you the biggest reach to be able to leverage that audience for an improved brand experience.

Assuming a new normal

As the situation continues, any change in consumer behaviours and patterns may end up permanent. The competitive landscape will also have changed. Understand the new lens in which your brand and organisation will be assessed on in order to be able to launch relevant and successful products and activations.
Holman-Webb-Lawyers-Adriana-Giometti speaking at MARKETING webinars

Speaker Details:

Adriana Giometti
Chief Marketing and Corporate Relations Officer
Holman Webb Lawyers

Adriana is a change agent with a unique and diverse background. She is a marketing and business development specialist with strong commercial acumen having worked as a tax lawyer, publisher, executive coach and client strategist.

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  • Is the presenter of Legal Lockdown, a video series where she interviews leaders and experts surrounding the various impacts of COVID-19
  • was a finalist for CEO magazine’s Marketing Executive of the Year
  • is a member of the Advisory panel for the Legal Innovation and Technology Festival
  • is a member of the Future CEO Circle
  • is a public speaker, most recently presenting at the CXO Leaders Summit in Sydney
  • has assisted 2 law firms attain the No 1 ranking as the fastest growing law firm in Australia through brand transformation
  • has been a featured columnist in the ‘The Age’, one of Australia’s leading newspapers

With her background as a tax lawyer she will share her insights into successfully managing downsized marketing budgets and communicating effectively with affected stakeholders.