Partner With Us

Permeate the market

Get your brand and solutions in front of a targeted audience group that includes key influencers and decision makers from the leadership, IT and marketing departments. The digital nature of webinars means that there are no geographical boundaries and therefore it is the perfect tool for business expansion in new markets.

Collaborate with industry experts

Become a luminary by sharing the webinar session with thought leaders from leading brands who can provide an industry perspective and are carefully selected based on their key achievements and contributions to the marketing world.

Cross-border engagement

Webinars eliminate the need to travel, which will allow people from different regions to participate, allowing you to engage with a larger pool of leads with higher rate
of conversion.


Educate the market

Take the opportunity to present a case study, moderate a panel discussion and / or host a Q&A session so you can build value for your products and solutions.

Generate high-quality leads

Acquire the full contact details of webinar registrants and participants, as well as; webinar performance analytics, webinar recording and embed code to include on your website, further promotion of additional resources such as whitepapers, solution brochures or blog links.

Eliminate the hassle of promotion and marketing

Avoid the pains of webinar promotion and rely on us to build your registrant count. We would do all the planning and execution of integrated marketing campaign to promote your webinar, and make your first contact with fresh key prospects seamless.

Who should partner with us?

If your organisation provides any of the following services or solutions, you’ll fit right in:

• Marketing automation  • Account-based marketing  • Email marketing  • Affiliate marketing  • Social media marketing
• Social media monitoring  • Social analytics  • Influencer marketing/management tools  • Content marketing  • Marketing cloud
• Search engine marketing  • AR/ VR tools    • Customer service automation  • Customer support software  • Digital PR agencies
• Content management solutions  • Analytics and measurement providers  • Content Distribution/amplification providers
• Media companies who offer customised content production services  • And more…

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your mission-critical priorities.