Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mode and format of the webinar?

The webinar will be held live and may include presentation, articles and videos shared by the session’s speaker. It will also include a Q&A session where you can ask questions through a live chat function.

All webinar sessions can be accessed remotely. All you need is an internet connection and your computer to log in. So whether you are on a Work-From-Home arrangement or anywhere else in the world, you can still join in. 

What timezone will be webinar be held on?

All webinar sessions will be conducted in Singapore timezone (SGT/GMT+8) unless otherwise stated.

Will the webinars be recorded? What happens if I miss it?

Webinars will not be recorded. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given if you miss your session. We strongly encourage you log in and be present for the session or transfer your username to an available peer.

Is my ticket refundable or transferable?

Your tickets will not be refundable. You may transfer your ticket to another person by giving them your log in and password generated by our online webinar platform. Otherwise, choose from another webinar within the MARKETING WEBINAR SERIES.

What happens if we need technical support?

Be assured that there will be representatives from the MARKETING-INTERACTIVE team who will be online at each session to assist in any technical difficulties that you may face.

What equipment do I need to prepare for this webinar?

Please ensure you have the following set up:

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • A headset/earphones (if you do not wish to use the speaker from your computer as it may disturb co-workers around you)
  • A strong internet connection. Do check your Wi-Fi or LAN connection beforehand.

Attendees will receive an email with further instructions on how to join in their webinar session closer to the date.

Will I get the presentation slide and materials after the webinar?

This is subject to the individual speaker’s approval. Kindly request from the speaker.

Will I get a discount for group bookings?

Yes, we are happy to offer you discounted rates for group bookings! Please contact Czarina Solomon, Head of Project Management, at or +65 6423 0329

How do I register for the webinar?

You may register directly on the webinar of your choice by clicking on the ‘PURCHASE’ button and filling up the registration and payment form. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Czarina Solomon, Head of Project Management at or call +65 6423 0329

How can I enquire about being a trainer for the MARKETING WEBINAR SERIES?

Please reach out to Prassana Pillay, Regional Director for Production at or call +65 6423 0329