Personalisation at scale: Why it matters now more than ever

Overcoming obstacles to long-term engagement




10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


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Webinar Details:

Marketers are aware of the benefits of personalised communication and understand that it can deliver impact and results quickly while improving the customer experience. But many marketers still struggle with executing personalisation at scale in an effective and meaningful way, resulting in clumsy outcomes, lost opportunities, and a poor use of data.

But if you get it right, personalisation at scale can unlock a world of value for you and your customers, and will help your organisation get the most out of its data analytics, agility and digital investments. Especially during this time of pandemic uncertainty, personalisation with as many of your customers as possible will foster a connection and resilience that will better prepare you for riding out the storm ahead.

This one-hour webinar will get you started on the road to effective, practical and smart approaches to personalisation at scale, using proven methods and approaches, while making the most of the data you already have.

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Personalisation at scale: Why it matters now more than ever

Overcoming obstacles to long-term engagement

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Highlights Include:


Understanding your data: is it primed for personalisation at scale?

Are you getting the most out of your data, and have you looked it from all angles? Learn how to prioritise the data sets you have at your disposal.


Refining your customer journey roadmap, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses

Find out how to identify key triggers you can act on, and how to overcome your consumer journey blind spots.


Start quickly using what you already have

Learn how to identify and leverage the most meaningful subsets of data you’ve already amassed, and turn it into powerful action points for meaningful mass personalisation.

MacMORGAN-David Morgan

Speaker Details:

David Morgan
Principal of MORGAN

David is one of the world’s most experienced marketing professionals, with an extraordinary career leading marketing for some of the world’s largest and most influential companies including; Procter & Gamble, Citibank, Samsung, HBOS, Standard Chartered Bank and Nestle.

David is now Principal at MacMORGAN, an international marketing consulting group which supports customer driven business growth – through consulting and capability development – for organisations including; Suncorp, Johnson & Johnson, Lego, Health World, Mars, Canon, Macquarie University, Seven West Media, Tabcorp, Westpac, Sanitarium, Tourism Australia, PwC, Parmalat, Aspen Pharmaceuticals, Optus, OMD, Pernod Ricard, ANZ, amongst many others.

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David is also Chairman of Shopper Media Group, Australia’s fastest growing and fully digital outdoor media company, and has non-executive Board management experience with; trade organisations, corporations, and venture capital groups.

As a business thought leader, David has presented in academic institutions, for global industry conferences, by corporate invitation, and is a regular invitee to judge on local and global industry awards. David has also been a founding ambassador for The Marketing Academy in Australia.

In his spare time, David regularly pops over to Hollywood to audition for the role of James Bond – but hasn’t been successful yet…