Maintaining business intelligence in times of crisis

Creating opportunity for recovery through the use of technology and insights.




10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


19 USD

Webinar Details:

In times of crisis, the importance of analytics cannot be understated. It is essential for organisations to maintain momentum and key decision-making have to happen quickly. By making use of the entire breadth of your business intelligence and the data analytics team, you will be able to navigate through this time of uncertainty with more clarity.

Now, more than ever, your organisation will require you to drive efficiency, forecast outcomes and most importantly, maximise customer revenue. In this session hosted by Marketing Magazine, you will be given ideas on how using multi-system platforms, smart dashboards and KPIs, and creating unified data access will give you a fighting chance on surviving the crisis.

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Maintaining business intelligence in times of crisis

Creating opportunity for recovery through the use of technology and insights.


Understanding your ideal consumer profile during crisis

Deliver effective online marketing through improved profiling and analytics practices

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Highlights Include:


Focusing your resources

Analytics are a great way to tell you what’s working in your business. By getting a clear picture of which areas are underperforming and where your most profitable and effective conversion channels are, you will be able to turn the business around and avoid the red.


Reduce overhead, maximise revenue

The biggest advantage analytics can offer is transparency. By having an intelligent business system that’s able to connect processes to outcomes, you will be able to highlight just what it is that may be affecting productivity.


Predicting with automated tracking

The important distinction between insight and instinct is in analytics. The accuracy afforded by your team is invaluable as a bad decision made in a worsening economy can be too costly to bear. Learn how you can forecast and predict marketing and sales outcomes to prepare for all scenarios.

Citibank_Shireesh speaking at MARKETING webinars

Speaker Details:

Shireesh Kumar
VP Decision Management

Shireesh is a Senior Business Leader with 14+ years of multi-disciplinary experience and proven track record of creating business value, & competitive advantage via harnessing data, analytics, technology and platforms. Shireesh is currently working at Citibank as Vice-President in the Decision Management team leading Rewards and Usage analytics in the regional capacity.

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Prior to Citi, Shireesh has worked with PayPal for past 7 years across multiple assignments including build marketing analytics team and leading growth programs across the international markets for small business. Shireesh is an engineer and MBA by qualification and currently pursuing Doctorate in Business Administration from Teesside University UK and working on a project on assessing use of Technology Acceptance Model in Open Banking adoption in Singapore.