Remote Content Creation: Taking control of the production process during COVID-19

How to overcome disruption to your content production with remote/virtual activations




10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


59 USD

Webinar Details:

It’s not just Hollywood film and TV sets that have been shut down during COVID-19. Many video and visual content productions for the advertising industry have had to pause as well. In other words, the agency production assembly line has been completely disrupted, leaving brands scrambling to find innovative and alternative ways to create visual content that doesn’t compromise on quality or brand identity.

If you’re a brand struggling with this issue right now, remote content creation could be your solution to developing effective coping mechanisms for getting through this period without putting your entire ad production plan on hold.

This one-hour webinar will give you a window into what’s happening at the ad production level, and how remote/virtual shoots can not only serve as a solution, but help your business to innovate and evolve during this unprecedented period. This is also a great opportunity for agencies to explore alternative ways to continue finishing projects for their clients.

Highlights Include:


Taking control over content production disruption

Know your options if your advertising/content production is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Understanding the new virtual/remote shooting and production reality

How visual content production is being re-outsourced all over the world, and how your brand or agency can leverage it for your own production needs.


Learn how to manage a successful remote/virtual project

We’ll be focusing on all your questions related to getting started, including what you can take on in-house, and what you’ll need to outsource to other partners/sutidos in other countries, as well as how to best approach it.