Digital Transformation is the new norm for B2B Marketers

Kirsty McKay, Group Manager – Portfolio Delivery & Digital Transformation, Coates Hire

Achieving your business objectives through a CX strategy needs the right mix of capabilities, with technology playing an ever increasing part. As our customers expectations continue to grow and technology advances such as AI become more prevalent, your company needs to be fighting-fit in order to evolve.

Join Kirsty, a digital transformation leader to learn:

  • Why CX starts with creating a culture of change
  • Closing the distance between your IT Team and your customers is vital
  • What it truly means to be agile and some simple practices which work in any business context
  • Transformation doesn’t have an end date…what does that mean for you?

Check out the speaker’s Q&A opinion article here:
How can companies truly embrace a ‘culture of change’

Kirsty McKay

Group Manager – Digital Transformation, Coates Hire
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