Changing Tide for Digital Operations in B2B2C

Jonathan Holcombe, Head of Strategy, Switch

Your company has brand equity and a solid customer base but turning that into meaningful online revenue streams is a struggle. Why is that?

Transitioning to a digital-as-a-service model and moving more customer transactions online isn’t just building a shopping cart on a website with generic promotions. The fundamentals of how you do business will need to change.

In this session, Jonathan will show you what it takes to compete for market share in a virtual world. He will share stories of digital transformation with firsthand experience helping traditional businesses operate as a digital service.

We’ll help you answer the following questions:

  • What changes are needed across marketing, IT and operations?
  • What skill sets are needed to keep people engaged and productive?
  • What digital strategy is right for my organisation?

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Jonathan Holcombe

Head of Strategy and Delivery, Switch
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