Can we afford to go fully digital and forgo the people element?

Automation is helping brands with efficiency, but at what cost?




10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


19 USD

Webinar Details:

In the field of digital marketing, automated technology has taken over almost every facet of the digital world for its efficiency. In customer services, machine such as Chatbots has already replaced humans in communicating with the customers, be it answering basic questions or even customising customer experiences online. However, the removal of human interaction in the marketing funnel could also cause you sales as human interactions are vital to creating brand trust and loyalty. This 90 minute live webinar focuses on the impact of human interaction in marketing and provide you with insights on how you could leverage technology for efficiency without sacrificing the human element.

Highlights Include:


Utilising unconventional public relations strategy

Statistics showed that 68% of customers churn because they don’t think that the business care for them. Examine unconventional public relations strategy for to improve customer engagement, resulting in an increase in organic growth.

Tapping into the Millennial “Experience”

Millennials holds great spending power. Research shows that Millennials appreciate thought leadership and expertise as well as support businesses that advocate for a good cause. So how could you use this to your advantage?

Striking balance between human and technology in marketing

While technology allows businesses to provide fast and convenient services, customers ultimately demand human interactions. Examine ways on how you could effectively integrate technology to ensure efficiency without sacrificing the human elements in your customer experience journey.