Modern Commerce in Asia Pacific

An invaluable resource for commerce, marketing and IT leaders. Ten essential sessions from subject matter experts and leading brands on what Modern Commerce looks like in 2020 and beyond.

Available for on-demand viewing until 25 Aug 2020

A superior commerce experience is a competitive advantage in today’s digital-driven landscape. Brands that will find success in 2020 and beyond will be those that realise commerce and personalisation go hand-in-hand. ​

Available now until 25 August, this archive of though-leadership sessions from our 2-day virtual summit lets you hear from subject matter experts and leading brands on what Modern Commerce looks like in 2020 and beyond.

Key Themes

The Connected Commerce Experience

Find out how leading brands are delivering an effective 1:1 commerce experience across all channels and levelling up their commerce experience with relevant and personalised content.

Experience Commerce in Practice

Learn how brands can deliver personalised commerce experiences through blended content, commerce, and contextual intelligence, to nurture customers and increase transactions.

Commerce Success Strategies for 2020

Hear examples of successful commerce experience strategies from Sitecore customers and partners across Asia Pacific.


Modern Commerce: So now what?

John Menagh, Commerce Solution Specialist, Sitecore​

We had known previously where Commerce was heading, now we are not so certain. However not all is lost! Let’s review what we know from the past and see how the future might look. Has everything changed or brought more focus and urgency to the things we already knew we should be doing? What will ‘normal’ commerce mean in the near future and can we predict the longer term trends?

Mapping your Commerce Strategy to Changing Digital Customer Behaviour

Simon Kemp, Founder & CEO, Kepios

Examining trends and data from the renowned “Global Digital Reports”, Simon will cover:

  • Making sense of the evolving customer journey
  • The role of content and personalisation in commerce
  • Getting to yes: Relationships vs Transactions
  • Joining the dots: How to unify your plans to create a seamless flow of compelling experiences

Beyond Transactions to Experience Driven Commerce

Adriana Chia, Director, Head of Analytical Consulting, Consumer Insights, Nielsen

Asia Pacific has been a leader in e-commerce over the last few years but recent events are leading to a huge shift to digital across many other industries.

We will examine the impact on commerce in the region and analyse the role of digital in this new landscape.

  • How are brands responding to the rapid acceleration towards digital?
  • Whilst sales are being impacted for most industries, this doesn’t necessarily mean brands should stop marketing. Is this now the time for experience driven commerce, as opposed to transaction commerce?

Introduction to Experience Commerce

Kevin Dechamps, Experience Commerce Specialist, Sitecore​

What is Experience Commerce and what does it look like in practice? We will demonstrate how content, personalisation and marketing automation can be used to shape the best commerce customer journey.

Tracking Commerce Engagement across a Multi-Device Customer Journey

Jay Sanderson, Experience Commerce Product Specialist, Sitecore​

There are now, on average of six internet connected devices per person. These days the average shopping journey is fragmented into multiple short bursts across multiple devices. More than ever is it important to measure product interest, be it from a product level, campaign level or otherwise. We will show you how to tap into an incredibly insightful datasource that can drive incredible value to your organisation.

How rapid ecommerce minimises risk as you pivot your business

John BouAntoun, Commerce Practice Lead, Deloitte Digital

Recent times have seen a 500% rise in ecommerce growth, representing both a challenge and opportunity for brands.

By adapting internal operating models and shifting to agile ways of thinking your business can pivot, allowing you to survive and thrive into the future.

Hear from Deloitte Digital’s ecommerce experts as they workshop the operational and technical journey required to take your stack from CMS to a digitally transformed commerce engine including:

  • Making the most of your existing technology stack
  • Rapidly launch direct-to-consumer ecommerce
  • Create zero touch fulfilment
  • Maximise conversion and capacity through optimisation
  • Automate manual tasks and streamline supply chain operations

Future of Personalised Commerce

Stuart Jarvis, Insights and Personalisation Director, AKQA​

The future ability of brands to deliver personalisation is changing with the impending updates to data collection rules and regulations, placing an increasing emphasis on first party data. This session will explore how brands embrace this challenge while meeting customer expectations and using first party opportunities in commerce to create exceptional experiences.

Digital Transformation is the new norm for B2B Marketers

Kirsty McKay, Group Manager – Portfolio Delivery & Digital Transformation, Coates Hire

Achieving your business objectives through a CX strategy needs the right mix of capabilities, with technology playing an ever increasing part. As our customers expectations continue to grow and technology advances such as AI become more prevalent, your company needs to be fighting-fit in order to evolve.

Join Kirsty, a digital transformation leader to learn:

  • Why CX starts with creating a culture of change
  • Closing the distance between your IT Team and your customers is vital
  • What it truly means to be agile and some simple practices which work in any business context
  • Transformation doesn’t have an end date…what does that mean for you?

Changing Tide for Digital Operations in B2B2C

Jonathan Holcombe, Head of Strategy, Switch

Your company has brand equity and a solid customer base but turning that into meaningful online revenue streams is a struggle. Why is that?

Transitioning to a digital-as-a-service model and moving more customer transactions online isn’t just building a shopping cart on a website with generic promotions. The fundamentals of how you do business will need to change.

In this session, Jonathan will show you what it takes to compete for market share in a virtual world. He will share stories of digital transformation with firsthand experience helping traditional businesses operate as a digital service.

We’ll help you answer the following questions:

  • What changes are needed across marketing, IT and operations?
  • What skill sets are needed to keep people engaged and productive?
  • What digital strategy is right for my organisation?

Case study: How Tyres4U continue to drive growth using Digital for B2B2C

Daniel Wright, Chief Digital Officer, Tyres4U

As a tyre wholesaler Tyres4U have been a digital innovator for almost 10 years, continuously expanding for growth by partnering with complimentary suppliers and service provides.

Join Daniel to hear:

  • What prompted their move to digital
  • How they modernised the market
  • How they continue to innovate

About The Speakers

Simon Kemp

Founder and CEO, Kepios
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Nielsen-Adriana-Chia speaking at Modern Commerce in Asia Pacific by sitecore

Adriana Chia

Director, Head of Analytical Consulting, Consumer Insights, Nielsen
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Kirsty McKay

Group Manager – Digital Transformation, Coates Hire
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Daniel Wright

Chief Digital Officer, Tyres4U
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Stuart Jarvis

Insights and Personalisation Director, AKQA​
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John BouAntoun

Commerce Practice Lead, Deloitte Digital
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Jonathan Holcombe

Head of Strategy and Delivery, Switch
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Jay Sanderson

Global Experience Commerce Product Specialist, Sitecore
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John Menagh

Commerce Solution Specialist, Sitecore
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Kevin Dechamps

Experience Commerce Specialist, Sitecore
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