Future-proofing your business with a robust crisis communication plan

Preparing for the unknown to safeguard your brand


18 May 2020


10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


59 USD

Webinar Details:

The emergence of crisis is the perfect example of an unexpected crisis. Very few organisations went into 2020 thinking they needed to dust off their crisis management plans. This resulted in a lot of organisations being caught off-guard when disaster struck as the media landscape had evolved faster than their crisis communications strategy had over time. However, it is not too late to learn from our mistakes and establish a future crisis communication framework in order to serve your stakeholders, preserve your organisations’ goals and safeguard your communities’ current and future health.

This 60 minute webinar bought to you by Marketing Magazine will highlight the role marketing and communications professionals will have to play to better prepare for the future

Highlights Include:


How to respond to an emerging crisis without exacerbating its development

Transparency in communication during period of crisis is vital. Learn some of the tips on addressing and responding to a crisis to both the stakeholders and the public.

Find alternatives to deliver on your promises

Things don’t always go the way we wish for. In the event that there is no preparation, you need to be quick, accurate and consistent. Understand that customers have the capability to be understanding of a difficult situation as long as organisations remain open and transparent about their situation.

Evaluate crisis responses to determine plan improvement opportunities

Many organisations are not prepared for the crisis. So what are some of the ways that they could better prepare themselves for the unexpected? Utilise COVID-19 crisis as a case study to identify and produce a crisis communication plan.

Leveraging social listening as a crisis prevention tool

Customers are king. Listening and analysing customer feedback and comments provide insights into how well your business is running. Explore how customer feedbacks could act as a major roadblock to prevent a subtle but potentially deadly crisis.

Speaker Details:

Christopher Daguimol
Director / Head of Brand Communications

As ZALORA’s Group Director for Public Relations & Social Media, Christopher is responsible for the overall public communications strategy of the Group across Asia. He leads a team across six markets, taking care of media relations, external and executive communications, crisis and reputation management, events, corporate storytelling and branding, and social media

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Before joining ZALORA, Christopher spent most of his PR career handling luxury and fashion brands which includes Louis Vuitton, Atelier Swarovski and Asia’s inaugural Men’s Fashion Week in Singapore. He has also worked on FMCG clients such as Unilever, DIAGEO and Asia-Pacific Breweries, and served as in-house PR lead for luxury properties and a non-profit organization. He specializes in running large scale events, crisis communications, media management and influencer engagement.

Christopher holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from National University of Singapore and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (Hons) from University of Santo Tomas.