Predict, pre-empt and prepare: Supercharging your eCommerce strategies

Learn how to predict your consumers to be ready to cope with a demand.




10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


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Webinar Details:

Social distancing, isolation and quarantine has heavily impact foot traffic in public places. Retail, dining and hospitality businesses have been hit particularly hard by such government guidelines in recent months. Hence, there is a collected shift as consumers look towards services that could help maintain their current routines in life. The quantitative and unprecedented rise in demand for the e-commerce industry has emphasised the importance of maintaining excellent and quality experience for your customers.

In this 60 minutes webinar, Marketing magazine brings you a panel of experts to discuss how you can maximise your e-commerce capabilities to create lifelong customers.

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Surviving the onslaught of eCommerce channels in a virtual-first world

How can your online channel stand out with every brand launching theirs?


Predict, pre-empt and prepare: Supercharging your eCommerce strategies

Learn how to predict your consumers to be ready to cope with a demand.

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Highlights Include:


From offline to online: Things you might miss

As you market your organisation as a solution to the lockdowns during crisis, what are some easy to miss details that might create cracks in your ecommerce capacity? From logistics to operations, how can your business departments work together to ensure a smooth customer journey.

Predicting consumer behaviour in times of crisis

We’ve all heard and seen pictures of the empty shelves at the grocery stores. Are you well-equipped to handle the demand in times of panic and bulk buying? How do you create consumer confidence whilst handling supply chain disruptions?


Going the extra mile for your consumers

What kind of value can you add to your service to let your customers know you’re thinking about their health and safety? From packing in alcohol wipes to contactless delivery, learn about the little details that makes a difference.
fave Group-Yeoh Chen Chow

Panelist Details:

Yeoh Chen Chow
Co-founder of Fave Group

Yeoh Chen Chow is the co-founder of Fave, next generation merchant digital platform in South East Asia. Fave helps to digitize tens of thousands of local businesses, from restaurants, cafes, retailers, spas, beauty and wellness studios, service providers, tourist attractions to hotels. Fave acquired 3 of the Groupon subsidiaries in South East Asia — Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. He is also the co-founder of KFit, regional fitness sharing platform in South East Asia. 

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Prior to that, he was the Regional Operations Director for Groupon Asia Pacific, Product Manager for JobStreet.com and Management Consultant for Accenture. He is an Eisenhower Fellow and an alumnus of Cornell University. He is also an angel investor, who has invested in numerous early stage startups in the region.

Leisurepass Group - Dawn Jeremiah

Panelist Details:

Dawn Jeremiah
VP of Marketing & eCommerce Asia
Leisure Pass Group

Dawn oversees marketing, ecommerce and growth activities in Asia for Leisure Pass Group, the largest multi-attraction sightseeing pass business in the world with over 65% market share and operating in 35+ cities. Their most popular products include The London Pass®, New York Pass®, Paris Pass™, Vienna Pass™ and GoCity.com passes including new products Go Singapore and Go Bangkok.
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She works with various stakeholders in performance marketing, ecommerce, email, product, tech and data to deliver Asia customer growth and retention. With the pandemic having a significant impact on the travel industry, she shares how they are poised for recovery by continuing to engage with new and existing customers with improved product offerings as well as a better purchase experience online. 

Moderator Details:

Karl Winther
Marketing Consultant
Winther Consulting

Karl Winther currently works as freelance strategic Marketing Consultant providing his clients the marketing expertise of an experienced and modern Chief Marketing Officer on a need’s basis. As a former senior marketing executive working at the large retail Australia brands of Australia Post, Officeworks and Myer, Karl has 20+ years over overseeing and managing all facets of marketing, retailing and digital.

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In his time leading the marketing function at the multi-channel retailer Officeworks, the business experienced significant improvements in commercial and brand outcomes and the team were awarded multiple Marketing awards including the GOLD ‘Effie’ for Australian Effective Marketing team of the year.