The survival guide for offline entertainment organisers

Shifting the paradigm from offline experiences to online in times of social distancing


26 June 2020


10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


59 USD

Webinar Details:

Restrictions on public gatherings put in place by authorities across the globe have fundamentally reshaped customer engagement and experience, causing online communication to become the sole form of contact between businesses and their customers. The restriction not only forced a shift in customer behaviour, but a major disruption of the fundamental operations of the entertainment industry. However, just because retail business operations are no longer viable, it doesn’t mean that there is no longer any customer demand for it.

In this course bought to you by Marketing Magazine will discuss key considerations of how entertainment businesses could be shifted to a virtual setting without compromising entertainment value or customer experience.

Highlights Include:


The need of entertainment during stressful times

Entertainment is an important element in the public’s daily life. It is especially important during stressful periods, providing relaxation and calm at times of uncertainty and anxiety. Explore the roles and need for entertainment during times of uncertainty.


Reimagine customer experience

The need for immediacy is vital in times of unprecedented crisis. Therefore, businesses are required to be agile, adapting to new, troubling challenges at a scale in a short amount of time in order to ensure business continuity. Explore some of the case studies of how businesses in the entertainment industry has adapted in times of social distancing.


Providing continuity for your customers during times of uncertainty

Customer behaviours change drastically during a crisis. Therefore, amidst charged emotions and apprehension about the future, businesses have to reassure their customers with continuity of their businesses to avoid getting forgotten. Explore some of the ways in which you could revolutionise what customer values about your business in order to ensure that your customer relationship outlasts the crisis.