Social awareness: Effective communication without looking opportunistic

The rising concerns of a global pandemic of the year, has resulted in many companies halting their current social conversations altogether. But is that really necessary? We discuss how brands can communicate without fearing backlash during a crisis.




10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


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Webinar Details:

Navigating the social media landscape in times of a global crisis can be tricky for many brands. One wrong step and your brand might be liable to being labelled as “ignorant” or “money-grubbing”. Yet, maintaining communications really is key. So what cann you do to be pro-active in turning the company’s message around to create a positive association and increase consumer confidence in your brand? How can you rework the plans you have spent months building to fit the current landscape?

In this 60 minute webinar, Marketing Magazine brings you an in-depth look at how a comprehensive and agile digital strategy can help your brand avoid the PR pitfalls.

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Building brand trust during a crisis: Actions that matter

Key actions to help your brand-led business through the crisis and beyond


Social awareness: Effective communication without looking opportunistic

Learn to communicate effectively without compromising your brand.

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Highlights Include:


Setting up social listening systems

Keeping abreast of the news and general sentiment may seem basic in principle but brands who are coming out of the crisis with a gleaming reputation are those that optimise their systems so that they do not lag behind. Find out how!


Preparing counter-programs

It does not take a lot to grow viral and you may want to nip the negative mentions in the bud before they could spread more misinformation in times of heightened emotion.


Positioning your brand values in line with advocacy

In times of global uncertainty, consumers react positively to brands that give back to the community. Learn how leveraging your social media presence and preparing some on-site action can help create that brand loyalty.

ZALORA_ChristopherDaguimol speaking at MARKETING webinars

Panelist Details:

Christopher Daguimol
Director of Brand Communications of ZALORA Group

As ZALORA’s Group Director for Public Relations & Social Media, Christopher is responsible for the overall public communications strategy of the Group across Asia. He leads a team across six markets, taking care of media relations, external and executive communications, crisis and reputation management, events, corporate storytelling and branding, and social media
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Before joining ZALORA, Christopher spent most of his PR career handling luxury and fashion brands which includes Louis Vuitton, Atelier Swarovski and Asia’s inaugural Men’s Fashion Week in Singapore. He has also worked on FMCG clients such as Unilever, DIAGEO and Asia-Pacific Breweries, and served as in-house PR lead for luxury properties and a non-profit organization. He specializes in running large scale events, crisis communications, media management and influencer engagement.

Christopher holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from National University of Singapore and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (Hons) from University of Santo Tomas.