Power of Influence: Why government sectors should work with Influencers during a crisis

Take a look into how Influencer Marketing is helping the government fight the crisis and communicate effectively with the public.


19 June 2020


10 – 11.30am (GMT+8)


90 mins


59 USD

Webinar Details:

There are a number of benefits to influencer marketing and it has proven its worth and effectiveness in recent years. However, it could also leave a lasting scar on your brand if it is not handled properly. Government sectors have begun employing influencers in their marketing campaign to promote awareness as it has been proven to be an effective form of communication, especially to younger generations. This is especially vital during a crisis, where government bodies need to effectively communicate with the public to promote awareness and reach people en mass.

Join us in our 90 minute webinar as we discuss how you can work with influencers during this period to create meaningful content and community engagement.

Highlights Include:


Choosing the right influencer for your campaign

Influencer partnerships are not just about “followers” and “likes”. Join us as we discuss some of the key elements on how to choose the right talent for your brand.


Choosing the right social media platform for your campaign

Social media platforms act as an important medium for you to connect with the public through an Influencer. It is important to understand the audience of each social media platform and the genre of content that you want to associate your organisation with in order to execute an efficient campaign.


Connecting with the public purposefully with Influencer partnerships

Influencers have loyal audiences. The younger generation might not be able to convince them of the seriousness of the threat that a crisis is posing, but Influencers might. Learn how you could use Influencer partnerships to educate your public to streamline your relationship with your audience.